Anti-Snake Venoms


Antivenoms function by improving our immune response following a snake bite. These are made by vaccinating donor animals such as horses or snake-venomed goats. Antivenom is obtained by collecting the antibodies from the donor animal's plasma and then purifying them. We are the leading suppliers of many Anti-Snake Venoms of different species all over the world mentioned below:

  • Anti-snake Venoms in Africa :
    Snake Venom Antiserum (African) is a sterile preparation that contains F(ab')2 fragments of the equine immunoglobulin. Dried freeze powder is reconstituted in 10 ml of sterile water supplied together with the vial for injection. Increasing ml has the power to precisely neutralize the venoms of subsequent snake species.

    • Naja nigricollis venom

    • Naja haje venom

    • Dendroaspis polylepis venom

    • Dendroaspis viridis venom

    • Dendroaspis jamesoni venom

    • Bitis gabonica venom

    • Bitis arietans venom

    • Echis leucogaster venom

    • Echis ocellatus venom

  • Anti-snake Venoms in South East Asia :
    Cobra Antivenin is a sterile preparation that contains F(ab')2 fragments of the equine immunoglobulin. Dried freeze powder when reconstituted with 10mL Sterilized Water for B.P Injections. supplied along with the vial, each 1mL has the capacity of specifically neutralizing the venom of the following species of Snake.

    • Naja kaouthia

    • Daboia ruselii siamensis

  • Anti-snake Venoms in the Middle East and North Africa :
    Polyvalent snake venom antitoxin is prepared from the distilled plasma of healthy horses that have been hyperimmunized against the venoms of the most dangerous snakes mentioned. The antitoxin is removed from the entire immune serum of the equine by digestion of pepsin, controlled precipitation of heating and caprylic acid, ultra-like filtration accompanied by sterile filtration. Based on the extent of the disease it is meant for either intramuscular injection or intravenous infusion.

    • Naja Haje

    • Naja Nigricollis

    • Cerastes Cerastes

  • Anti-snake Venoms in Central Africa :
    The polyvalent Venom Antiserum snake (Central Africa) is prepared from hyperimmunized equines against the venom of the related venomous snakes, namely:

    • Gaboon Viper (Bitisgabonica rhinoceros)

    • Russell’s Viper (Vipera russelli)

    • Saw-scaled Viper (Echis carinatus)