Banana Puree

Banana pulp is made from a selected banana variety grown in subtropical South India regions. Due to its superior size, rich flavor, and thickness the Cavendish banana puree obtained from Indian bananas is considered the best. Selected bananas are peeled by hand, pumped through a series of filters, and eventually mashed in order to puree the organic banana. It is then homogenized, de-aerated, and sterilized to international standards. The new aseptic banana puree is free of any preservatives or chemicals.

The puree of organic bananas includes sucrose, fructose, glucose, and fiber. It is also high in iron, vitamin C, A1, B6, B12, and potassium. All of these foods help prevent severe diseases such as blood pressure, depression, obesity, stress, strokes, and bowel disorders. We export banana puree of superior quality which can be widely used in juices, nectars, snacks, jams, baking fillings, baby foods, ice creams, and yogurts.

Some of the specifications of our banana puree are as follows:


  • Color: Creamish white

  • pH: 4.2 – 4.8

  • Acidity (Citric acid): 0.45% Max

  • Taste: Whole some & Characteristic

  • Flavor: Sweet and tart, very remotely comparable with peach. Typical fresh puree from well ripened fruits free from cooked flavor and off flavor of any kind

  • Storage: Storage at ambient temperature. Drum should not be exposed to Direct Sunlight for prolonged period of time

  • Shelf Life: 18 Months from the date of manufacturing at ambient temperature

  • Appearance: Homogenous, Free Flowing & free from foreign materials