Beta Glucanase
(EC No.:

Beta glucanase or β-glucanase enzyme is a hydrolysis enzyme of glycosyl hydrolases which hydrolyse the beta glucan molecules which are found extensively in cereals and grasses. 

Β-glucanase enzyme find extensive application in industries like - brewing, food, textile and agriculture as β-glucans are one of the main component of cell wall, they comprises of around 70% of the non-starch polysaccharides content of cell wall.

Functional properties:

  • pH: 3.5 - 5.5

  • Temperature: 55-70°C

Prime Industrial Use:

  • Used in the brewing industry for enhancing the yield of fermented products.

  • Used in feed additives and food supplements for improving the nutritional value of the feed/food.

  • Used as pest control agents in agriculture as it easily kills the pest by degrading their cell wall.

  • It is also used in agriculture to enhance the germination properties of seeds.