Litchi Concentrate

One of the popular summer fruits is the deliciously sweet and juicy litchi, more commonly known as litchi. The fresh fruit has a delicate, whitish pulp with a floral aroma and a sweet, fragrant flavor. We supply litchi pulp of the best quality from selected litchi from farms that are closely monitored and ripening checked.

To obtain the luscious litchi pulp, the clean and washed fruits without the peels are placed in the pulping machine. No additives are added to the litchi pulp meaning that our domestic and international customers get the purest and most genuine litchi pulp. We also have sufficient packaging equipment that is capable of meeting the majority of customer requirements as well as immediate.

Some of the specifications of our litchi pulp are as follows:


  • Color: Milky White

  • Acidity: 0.03-0.05 %

  • Variety of fruit: Shahi/China

  • Storage Temperature: At ambient temperature