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Top Leading Private Label
Oral Strip Manufacturer

Biovencer Healthcare is one of the Leading Oral Strip Manufacturer

Biovencer Healthcare Private Limited is one of  top Oral Disintegrating Strip manufacturer, supplier and exporter  in India. Oral strip or Mouth Melting Strip is a thin film that is prepared using hydrophilic polymers, that rapidly dissolves when placed on the tongue or in the buccal cavity.

We Manufacture a variety of
Oral dissolving strips to provide best nutrition across the market. Mouth dissolving Film manufactured and supplied by us are offered in easy to use and easy to carry in pocket.

We deals with a wide range of Fast Dissolving Oral Strips like Ashwagandha oral Strip, B-Complex oral strip, Vitamin B12 Oral Strip, Collagen Enhancer Oral Strip, Vitamin D3 Oral Strip, Folic acid oral Strip, Cranberry Oral Strip, Luetin & Zeaxanthin Oral Strip, Iron Oral Strip, Melatonin Oral Strip, Biotin Oral Strip, Vitamin D Oral Strip and more to promote year-round immune system support and natural physical development - Available in wide range of Packing options & customised packaging, this is why we are one of the leading private label Mouth Melting Film manufacturer in India.

This is our constant efforts and dedication only that we are able to establish ourselves as most trusted private label Fast Dissolving Oral Strip manufacturers and third party Oral Strip manufacturer globally. We are able to give endless range of products to our clients at most suitable prices.

Oral Strip Range Manufactured By Biovencer

  1. Ashwagandha oral Strip

  2. B-Complex oral strip

  3. Vitamin B12 Oral Strip

  4. Collagen Enhancer Oral Strip

  5. Vitamin D3 Oral Strip

  6. Folic acid oral Strip

  7. Cranberry Oral Strip

  8. Luetin & Zeaxanthin Oral Strip

  9. Iron Oral Strip

  10. Melatonin Oral Strip

  11. Biotin Oral Strip

  12. Vitamin D Oral Strip

Get Your Own Customised Mouth Melting Strip

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