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Pepsin enzyme is a type of protease which catalyses the breakdown of proteins into smaller peptide chains. In humans pepsin is secreted with gastric juice in the stomach which helps in digestion of proteins present in meat, egg, seeds or dairy products. Pepsin requires an acidic environment for protein catabolism.

Functional properties:

pH: 1.5 - 2

Temperature: 37 - 40°C

Some industrial uses of Pepsin enzyme:

  • Cheese production: Pepsin enzyme is used to curdle milk during the cheese production process in various countries.

  • Leather industry: Pepsin enzyme is used for removing hair and residual tissue from the raw skin during the initial processing of the raw material. It is an eco-friendly alternative in place of harmful chemicals.

  • It is used to induce whipping qualities to soy and gelatin.

  • In the manufacturing of ready to cook products.

  • Used for the manufacturing of the flavors from animal and plant sources.

  • Pepsin enzyme is used to recover silver from the photographic film by the digestion of gelatin.

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