Poultry Vaccines

Poultry vaccines are the type of vaccines that are given to Poultry animals to safeguard their health. They had, and continue to have, a major role in reducing animal suffering, enabling efficient production of food to feed the growing human population.

  • Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live, Lentogenic,′F′ strain I.P.(vet)

  • Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live, Lentogenic, ′Lasota′ Strain I.P.(vet)

  • Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live, ′RB′ Strain I.P. (vet)

  • Ranikhet disease vaccine inactivated I.P.(vet)

  • Gumboro Disease Vaccine, Live, I.P.(vet)

  • Fowl Pox Vaccine, Live, I.P.(vet)

  • Avian Infection Bronchitis Vaccine Attenuated, Freeze Dried, Live I.P.(vet)

  • MAREK’S Disease Vaccine I.P.(vet)

    • ′HVT′ Strain, Freeze-dried vaccine

    • ′HVT′ strain, cell Associated Vaccine

    • Combined ′HVT′ and SB – 1 strain, cell-associated, FROZEN Vaccine