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 Leading Third party 
Feed Supplement Manufacturer 

Animal Nutrition

Biovencer is one of the leading third party Veterinary Feed Supplement manufacturer in India. Animal nutrition focuses on the dietary needs of animals. These dietary needs consist of nutrients, which are the components present in the feed that animals digest and utilize.

As we are one of the leading third party Animal feed supplement manufacturer companies, Our supplements includes Aqua Culture Supplements, Poultry Feed Supplements, Cattle feed Supplements, Pet Supplement, Equine Supplement, Swine Supplement & Pet Food.

The utilization of Animal Feed Supplements  is for growth repairing and development and to obtain energy is called as nutrition. Nutrients include particular groups of chemical compound like proteins, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals which are found in different food stuffs in different amounts.

We are leading Animal Feed Supplement manufacturer in India. Animals know how to auto-regulate and they stop eating once they feel satisfied. However, if the nutrient content of the a feed is very low, the consumed feed will not be enough to meet their requirements and they can suffer from malnutrition, even if fed ad libitum.

Biovencer also have a variety of Pets Supplements range & Animal Healthcare Products which make us one of the top leading Pets Supplement Manufacturer. Biovencer specializes in animal health and nutrition for a variety of different species including dairy, swine, poultry, companion, aquaculture, beef, small ruminants and equine which makes it one of the top Animal Supplement manufacturer in India. Biovencer is also your one stop for Premium Poultry Feed Supplement Manufacturer as our products are scientifically formulated to accommodate each animals’ unique nutritional needs.











Biovencer Healthcare Is Your Destination For Third Party Manufacturing Feed Supplements

A Whole Range of Animal Nutrition

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Pet Supplements

We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Pet Supplements. We have a wide range of Pet supplements which are used to increase immunity of your pet, improves their digestion, support healthy liver, support their bone health, helps to keep their skin & fur healthy. Product range includes

- Hair care supplements

-  Liver tonic

- Heart Care tonic

- Immunity booster tonic

- Calcium supplements for bones 

- Protein Powder for pets & more

Pet Food-Biovencer.jpeg
Pet Food

We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Pet food based in India.

We are one of the top listed pet food manufacturing companies in India. 

We have different customised packaging available in a variety of delicious flavours for your Fur Baby.

We have the following packaging options available.

- Can

- Pouch

- Cup

Poultry Feed Supplement-Biovencer
Poultry Feed Supplement

We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier Poultry Feed Supplements. All poultry birds, whether broilers, layers, or breeders, require a variety of nutrients in their feed to stay healthy and productive. We have a wide range of Supplements for Poultry Nutrition which includes

- Iron Tonic 

- Growth Promoters

- Liver tonic

- Egg Enhancer

- Immunity Booster

- Feed Enzymes & Probiotics 

- Feed Toxin Control Supplements 

Aqua Probiotics-Biovencer
Aqua Probiotics Supplement

We are leading exporter, supplier & Manufacturer of Aquaculture Feed Supplements. Aqua Probiotics are the probiotics for farmed fish and shrimp are beneficial bacteria that are commonly added to aquaculture systems in order to help support health, performance and growth. Support health, performance and growth of aquatic species.

It contains those microorganisms which do not let pathogenic bacteria to grow in tanks and ponds which also reduces the use of antibiotics. 

Enhances water quality without water exchange, reduces nitrogenous toxicity in water, high rearing density with low feed wastage, high productivity

Cattle Probiotics-Biovencer
Cattle Probiotics Supplement

We are leading exporter, supplier & Manufacturer of Cattle Probiotic Supplements. Tested probiotic supplement for cattle to boost their immunity, improves their digestion system and reduces the risk of pathogenic bacteria along with increasing the yield of the products.  Probiotics  are added in the feed of cattle to enhance the effectiveness of the gut of the animals and improve the digestive system . They are added in very low quantities to increase the digestion of the feed and promote growth.  

Poultry Probiotics-Biovencer
Poultry Probiotics Supplement

We are leading exporter, supplier & Poultry Probiotic Manufacturer based in IndiaIt consists of numerous strains of good bacteria which are beneficial for not only poultry but also for humans. The one of the most important benefits of using probiotic mixed feed is that they prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria and develop immunity from within the body of poultry birds which means there is no requirement of using the antibiotic and antimicrobial agents and improve immune system along with meat quality.

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