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We participate in many National and International events across the globe to enhance the business and to develop new relations with all the Third Party Manufacturer Nutraceuticals, Contract manufacturer Nutraceuticals Products, Top Nutraceutical manufacturer all over the world.

Upcoming Events

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Arab Health 2023

Date: 30th Jan - 2nd Feb, 2022

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

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Northeast Livestock Expo 2022

Date: March, 2022

Location: Maniram Dewan Trade Center Guwahati, Assam

Participated Events

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Arab Health 2020-Biovencer.jpg
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CPHI India 2021 - Greater Noida

CPHI India
Cphi India 2022 - Greater Noida

Fi Hi India, New Delhi

East Africa Pharmatech - Uganda

East Africa Pharmatech 2022
East Africa Pharmatech uganda
East Africa Pharmatech 2022 uganda

Pharmac South - Chennai 2022

Arab Pharma Manufacturers' Expo 2022

Arab Pharma Jordan 2022 (3)
Arab Pharma Jordan 2022
Arab Pharma Jordan 2022 (2)

Pharmatech East Africa 2022 - Tanzania

IPHEX 2022 - Greater Noida, India

Iphex - Biovencer Healthcare
Iphex 2022
Iphex 2022-Biovencer
Biovencer Iphex

Fi Hi India 2022 - Bengaluru