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Tyrosine & Phenylalanine Free Powdered Formula for Tyrosinemia


Food For Special Medical Purpose

In Tyrosinemia, the body cannot deal with the amino acid - Tyrosine due to the lack of a particular enzyme. In this case a low protein supplement for Tyrosinemia is designed with adequate Glycomacropeptide dominant protein which will have all Amino acids but is free of Tyrosine & Phenylalanine. It also contains Vitamins, Minerals with DHA. ​​Biovencer is the leading manufacturer of Animo acid supplement for Tyrosinemia.

It is a tyrosine & phenylalanine free powdered formula specifically designed for Tyrosinemia disease. 


TYR is a protein substitute for Tyrosinemia. TYR Powder should be consumed under the guidance of Dietician or Healthcare Professional. It is only meant to be consumed by person for the dietary management of Tyrosinemia.  

Available Packing

400 g Tin

35 g sachet or customised packaging

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