Detergent Enzymes

We are leading enzyme manufacturer in India. Detergents are one of the basic requirements of any house, office, industry or any other place because they are of daily cleaning use and that’s why detergent industry have grown so much in the past decade, so is the use of chemicals in these detergents.

But with the onset of sustainable and eco-friendly industrial strategy have opened a new gate for the use of enzymes in detergents and other industries. Enzymes are biological chemicals  which catalyze the breakdown of organic as well as inorganic molecules in very efficient ways and unlike chemicals they do not cause any side effects like skin rashes, drying, roughness, erythema, swelling, etc.

We, Biovencer Healthcare, are top manufacturer supplier enzyme of detergent enzymes based in India. We provide raw enzymes for detergent and laundry industries as well as individual detergent enzymes. We also manufacture the customized enzymatic blends according to the client’s preferences. 

We offer a range of laundry and detergent enzymes like - Proteases, Lipases, Amylases, Cellulases, Mannanases and others. Along with these individual enzymes we have a wide range of blends of different enzymes for specific purposes.


  • Proteases

  • Amylases

  • Lipases

  • Cellulases 

  • Mannanases

Detergent Enzyme Blends:

  • BioDet 

  • BioDet Pro

  • BioDet Max Cleaner