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Manufacturer of Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol  & Amyl Metacresol Lozenges

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Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol & Amyl Metacresol Lozenges

Relieves in Sore Throat Pain. Contains Menthol Flavour

Biovencer Healthcare is the most trusted manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Lozenges like Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol & Amyl Metacresol Lozneges. It helps in instant relief from Sore throat. It also helps in relieving minor irritation & throat pain.

Biovencer offers wide range of Herbal & Pharmaceutical Lozenges under Private Label & customised packaging options. Contact us today for contract manufacturing or bulk orders.


Adults and youngsters aged 6 and up:


  • Allow lozenges to slowly dissolve in your mouth.

  • Take 1 lozenge as needed, every two hours.

  • Children under the age of 6 should see a dentist or doctor.


Additional Information


  • Keeping items at room temperature

  • Defend against dampness

DCB Lozenges
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