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Laccase Enzyme

(EC No.:

Laccases are one of the most abundant compounds found in nature and thus it is one of the most studied enzymes. We are one of the leading enzyme manufacturer in India. These enzymes are copper containing 1, 4-benzenediol (oxygen reductases) mainly found in higher plants, bacteria, fungi, insects, etc. Laccase enzyme promotes cross linking of monomers, breakdown of polymers, and aromatic (phenolic) compounds. They have the ability to oxidise both phenolic and non-phenolic lignin related compounds along with highly complex pollutants.

We are top manufacturer supplier enzymes. These enzymes have very broad applications in many different industries such as food, paper & pulp, polymers, textiles, cosmetics, soil & bio-remediation, biosensors, etc. There are some reports suggesting the use of laccase enzymes in the field of nanotechnology to exploit its full potential.

Industrial Applications of Laccase Enzymes are:
Food Industry:
  • Used for removal of undesirable phenolic compounds in baking, juice processing, wine stabilization, and others.

  • Used to improve functionality and sensory properties of the products.

  • Widely used in improving the stabilization and shelf life of beer in the beer industry.

  • It is also used for fruit juice color stability by removing the phenolic compounds.

  • Used to improve the texture, volume, flavor, and softness of bread.

Textile Industry:

  • Used for dye decolorization.

  • Treatment of harmful effluents released from textile processing.

  • Used in the manufacturing of denim fabrics.

  • Used in wool dyeing.

  • Used in cotton bleaching.

  • Also, used in anti-shrink treatment of wool.

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