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Papain is a type of protease enzyme which breaks the peptide bonds of large proteins and converts them into smaller chains of peptides or amino acids. Papain is used mainly in the food industry as a tenderizer for the meat. It is also used in cosmetics and the toothpaste industry.

Papain is a cysteine protease isolated from papaya latex, papain enzyme extracted from green papaya fruits show highest activity. Papain enzyme can catalyze the breakdown of proteins, short chains of amino acids, amino acid esters, and amide linkages. 

Functional properties:

pH: 5.5 - 8

Temperature: 60-70°C (65°C optimum)

Substrate: Proteinaceous substrates 

Some main industrial use of Papain enzyme are: 

  • Papain is used in the meat industry as a tenderizer because of its ability to degrade myofibrillar and collagen proteins found in meat.

  • Used as clarifying agents in many food processing processes.

  • It is also used as an antimicrobial and antifungal agent due to its high proteolytic activity.

  • Used in manufacturing of synthesis of amino acids and other molecules.

  • It is added in toothpastes as tooth whitening agents.

  • It is used for organic waste treatment.

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