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Biovencer Healthcare is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor & Exporter of Nutraceutical Products in India. We, at Biovencer Healthcare Private Limited, offer a wide range of Nutraceutical products . We are committed to providing quality healthcare products with innovation and affordable approach to serve the patients, our stakeholders, and the healthcare system across the globe. We have below-mentioned Nutraceutical Products to offer,  a wide range of Tablets, Sachets, Capsules, Protein and Gummies


Biovencer Healthcare is one of leading Probiotic manufacturer, supplier, distributor & Exporter in India. Probiotic microorganisms have been part of our food from many centuries, without our knowledge but they always benefited us, best example probiotic containing food is curd which contains billions of Lactobacillus strains imparting health benefits in maintaining our gut (intestine) flora for good digestion. 

We are one of the leading Yeast manufacturer,  supplier and exporter in India. We manufacturer two types of active instant dry yeast, Brewer's Yeast which is used in  wine and beer production and  Baker's Yeast which  used in baking bread and other bakery products.


Biovencer Healthcare is one of the leading enzyme supplier, distributor & Exporter in India. Enzymes are biocatalysts which when present in a chemical reaction, increases the rate of a reaction without affecting the property and nature of the end product. Almost all enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes. Enzymes are highly specific in their action therefore each enzyme catalyzes only one type of reaction. Enzymes activity can be influenced by a change in pH, temperature, the concentration of substrate present and can be described by Turnover Number.

We, Biovencer healthcare Private Limited, are leading  supplier, manufacturer & exporter of a wide range of Enzymes that are distinctive, reliable, and 100 percent safe for consumption.


Biovencer Healthcare Private Limited is one of the top leading pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical manufacturing company based in India, offers a wide range of nutritional supplements, Advance clinical nutrition products, Health supplements.

Our Manufacturing Unit is Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance and ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety management system). Our company is administered by a highly-experienced, innovative team of professionals who are dedicated to the ideology of excellent human health and well being, that is why it is among one of the top third party nutraceutical manufacturer in India.

Due to wide variety of each segment like Dietary Supplement, Advance Clinical Products, Gym Supplements Amino Acids, Multivitamin Syrups, Whey protein, Vitamin Supplements, affervation tablets, chewable tablets, Instant drink mix it is one of the leading private label supplement manufacturer.

As Biovencer Healthcare Private Limited specializes in the manufacturing of entire Enzymes and Probiotics  products range which includes food for special medical needs; using the latest technologies with high-quality standards helping us to become  a top leading Biotechnology company across India.


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Advance Nutraceutical Products

Food for Special Medical Purpose


Food for special medical purpose shall include food specially prepared for weight reduction and intended a total replacement of normal diet.

Food for special medical purpose (hereinafter FSMP) refers to formula foods specially processed and prepared in order to meet special needs for nutrient or diet of those suffering from food intake restriction, disorder of digestive absorption, disorder of metabolic or certain diseases.

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